9 channel uhf remote control TX with 9 channel RX relay output

I was after a 9 channel transmitter and 9 channel reciever relay output
Iknow oatley stock one in a kit ,but I am not interested in that unit
is there a professional ready to use unit available on the market that
I can just purchase outright.
I am not after using three lots of 4 channel rx and tx and make
something myself.
I know what my options are I just want one already made. Thanks GUYS
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Have a look at
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They have remotes that can have upto 16 channels.
I have used some of their equipment, and at the moment I am converting a single ch. remote into a 32 ch remote.
Roblec wrote:
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What about a commercial remote auxiliary board designed for alarm panels, like this NESS unit (8 channel I know, but maybe close?):
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Do you want the one remote to control 9 different outputs?, or is one physical remote per output ok?
Dave :)
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David L. Jones

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