25m Altitude/Distance/Range sensor

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I have a RC model airplane capable of carrying max 800grams payload (after
all my onboard electronics, batteries, GPS, video camera). I want to try
auto takeoff and landing. Especially for the auto landing, it important to
be able to determine the slop of the final landing approach. For this
intended application, I need to accuratelly determine the height of the
airplane. (The static pressure sensor alone is not accurate for this).

So, the obvious question;
1. Do you know any range/distance/height/altitude sensor with the following
    * Low power (and hopefully low cost)
    * Measurement range 25m-25cm
    * Measurement resolution (better than) 10cm
    * Measurement rate 10 Hz

And also
2. Would you suggest any method that helps to line-up the airplane with the
landing field (runway). (Currently I'm planing to use the GPS data but it
seems to be not very accurate.)se



Re: 25m Altitude/Distance/Range sensor

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Re: 25m Altitude/Distance/Range sensor

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Umm, can you use GPS based calculations, perhaps add an onboard computer
that takes two gps readings and determines your slope, etc.

Perhaps it could be a generalised pattern lander?

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Re: 25m Altitude/Distance/Range sensor

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 GPS is significantly better at determining horizontal location
than it is at determining altitude.

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Re: 25m Altitude/Distance/Range sensor

Can you transmit something from the runway? How about a laser pointer on the
runway that tracks your plane. The angle from ground and distance from plane
can be calculated to give you very exact altitude.

It might take you a year or two to get it right tho if you are the only one
working on the project.

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