Does Samsung QLED suck?

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Four year old Samsung 60" UHD QLED tv cannot be repaired.
The problem is lines of dead pixels across screen. Samsung
repair center says the display has to be replaced which
would cost $1400.  

The tv was top-of-the line 3D 240Hz and cost $3300.

Is this representative of Samsung?

Re: Does Samsung QLED suck?
On 7/4/2018 9:27 AM, root wrote:
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It is not representative of Samsung, it is representative of the  
technology.  However, this is often the case with TV's.  I remember 30  
years ago pricing a replacement CRT for a 19 inch Sony Trinitron.  
Dealer cost was around $325, at a time when you could buy a new 19" Sony  
for $299.

While it is disappointing that it failed in 4 years, that it is not  
worth buying the part does not surprise me.

Bristol Electronics

Re: Does Samsung QLED suck?

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I don't think there's anything wrong with your TV that requires a new
LCD panel.

A line of dead (black) pixels is not a "dead pixel".  It's a dead row
or column device, or more likely, a bad connection or dirty connector
between the LCD panel and the row driver device.  I've fixed such
intermittent connections on computer monitors and laptops by tearing
apart the display panel, massaging the ribbon cable connector, and
sometimes placing a few layers of tape between the panel sections to
compress the connection.  This is close:

"Simple most probable fix for Samsung LCD TV black line and were
colored lines vertically On screen"

Vertical lines are the same as horizontal lines, except on a different

More of the same:

Your biggest headache will be handling the 60" monster.  You'll
probably need a large table and possibly a sheet of plywood covered
with foam, blankets, or padding.  Take photos as you take it apart so
that you can remember where things go.  Removing the plastic frame is
often tricky.  There are probably disassembly videos on YouTube.

I've noticed with computer monitors that I see more intermittent
connectors when the TV is on a movable hinged wall mount.  Any TV that
big will tend to flex and twist a little, causing the ribbon cable to
move.  You might want to tape the ribbon cable to the sheet metal.
Most manufacturers do this already, but the tape tends to fall off
after a while.  Use high temp Kapton tape so that the heat from the
panel doesn't melt the glue.

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I don't know.  I don't fix Samsung TV's.  I have plenty to complain
about Samsung computer monitors, but they're still equal or better
than most others.  Most of the one's I use for myself are Samsung.  I
have no idea if the replacement panel price is normal.  I suspect a
big part of the price will be shipping, handling, and transportation
to/from the repair shop.  Too bad you didn't include the exact Samsung
model number so I could check prices.

Jeff Liebermann
150 Felker St #D
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Re: Does Samsung QLED suck?

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And LG and Sony and Hisense and TCL and Vizio.

You should look at and check out the threads for any brand.

You'll find in each one multiple complaints about "its only 2,3,4 (pick one)
years old and...".

I have a 73" Mitsubishi DLP I can let you have for cheap, they got so bad
after mine (with the LaserVue models), they pulled out of the North American
market altogether.

Your best bet, if in the states, get a Costco membership and buy the tv there.

They double the warranty, usually you have 2 years in house service, then
purchase (usually $89~$99) the squaretrade extention which gives another 3

They won't fix the set (usually) but replace it with something similar.  

Simply put, there is no lcd/qled/hdr/3d/edge-lit/fald make or model that you
will be giving away to your grandkids no matter how much you pay for it.

After 2 years they are so obsolete (usually surpassed 2 or 3 times) there is
no point anymore with repairs. Your $3400 4 year old tv can be replaced with
a brand new model for half that now (from Samsung no less).

Only logical move these days is find one you'll fall in love with then get
the longest replacement warranty with it.

Or find one you hate (tcl/hisense) and assume you'll be replacing it every
2 or 3 years. Being they are half (or more) cheaper than the mainstream
brands, you'll still end up spending the same over the long run.


Re: Does Samsung QLED suck?
On 04/07/18 14:27, root wrote:
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Consumer Protection? Implied Warranty?

In some countries you get a number of years to notice a fault. I think  
it's 4 years for the States.

In UK/Europe it's less ....

Adrian C

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