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After a cross-country trip in which I was unable to link up my laptop
because I had no wireless capability, and the hotels and airport lounges
(and even bookstores) all seemed to wireless-network-enabled, I am
considering the purchase of a wireless-network adaptor to plug into one of
my laptop's USB ports.

Any suggestions/warnings/stories?


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I found on a recent trip to the US and Canada, I was far better off getting a
roaming CRIC dial in account. It costs about $4USD an hour to operate, plus the
price of a local call from your hotel room. This is a world wide service.

The wireless enabled hot spots generally want you to feed in credit card details
to gain connection at about $10 an hour, and each airport seems to have
different vendors.

Qantas lounges give you a free local call phone line, which is very handy. I
assume most of the others do this also.

I only got to use my wireless connection once, which was at a Niagra Falls
hotel, and is a free service. Just needed to call reception for a username and

This was after spending $15 on hotel local phone calls to find out that Niagra
falls has different dial in numbers for GRIC roaming, as it borders on the US
and CA, and I was hearing little old ladies answering my modem. After ringing
reception for a bit of directory assistance, they asked me why I didn't use
their free service. :-)

If getting email is mandatory during traveling, I feel hotspots need a lot more
development before you can go without a global or national dial in account. Give
it another year or two.


Don McKenzie
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If you have the slot, get a PCMCIA wireless card instead.  They
generally use less power, have better throughput, plus one less cable.
They tend to behave better when your laptop goes to sleep, also.


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