Low cost smart camera with embedded TCP/IP ethernet

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BiTEC Ltd are pleased to announce the new, updated DSKcam with
embedded TCP/IP Ethernet. The DSKcam is a low cost daughter card for
the Texas Instruments range of DSP Starter Kits with an on board CMOS
image sensor, frame grabber, high-speed serial port and embedded
TCP/IP Ethernet adaptor.

Ideal for research, teaching and small volume projects, the DSKcam
coupled with a choice of DSK motherboards presents a cost effective
alternative for machine vision and smart camera projects. The addition
of embedded TCP/IP Ethernet allows the DSKcam to connect directly to
the Internet or simply provide high speed host-to-DSP image transfer
only found on high-end cameras. The TCP/IP protocol stack is processed
in embedded hardware removing the need for DSP overhead and is
provided free of royalty payments.

When used with the C6416DSK from Spectrum Digital, a 720Mhz, 64Bit DSP
provides a powerful processing engine for real-time analysis,
filtering, compression, video streaming etc. With on-board flash, 16MB
of SDRAM and analogue i/o a complete standalone systems can be built
and deployed with ease. The C6416DSK, based on the Texas Instruments
TMS320C6416 DSP, yields 6,000MIPS at only 1.7Watts, over 3 times
faster than a Pentium 4 while consuming over 40 times less power. The
low power consumption makes the DSKcam a viable alternative for
autonomous battery powered applications.

Matlab and Simulink can be used with the DSK platforms allowing rapid
prototyping of algorithms without the need for time consuming
programming. Drivers for the TI embedded encoder will be available

Since it's launch, the DSKcam has enjoyed worldwide sales with many
satisfied end users ranging through industry and research. For more
information visit www.BiTEC.Ltd.uk.

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