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The Barracuda HTTPS tunnel allows you to encrypt arbitrary TCP
connections inside SSL. The HTTPS tunnel allows you to secure non-SSL
aware services such as TELNET, FTP, VNC, etc., by having the HTTPS
tunnel provide the encryption. The HTTPS tunnel can also be used, for
example, to tunnel traffic out from behind a restrictive firewall/proxy
that only allows outgoing HTTPS web connections.

Link: /

About the Barracuda HTTPS Tunnel

The HTTPS tunnel is a demo application built by using components from
the Barracuda Embedded Web Server. The HTTPS tunnel is using components
from the web server library, the EventHandler plugin, the XML-RPC
plugin, and the SharkSSL Secure Socket engine.

About the Barracuda Embedded Web-Server

The Barracuda Embedded Web-Server is specifically designed for
controlling and monitoring embedded industrial applications in real
time. Real time control of devices using HTTP has been impossible
without constantly polling the HTTP server in the device until now. The
Barracuda platform lets you implement real time update of remote user
interfaces using HTTP(S).

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