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I am working on 89c52 microcontroller and using SDCC compiler.
I am using Poulman monitor program too. Poulman's code loading memory
starts from ox2000.
While building my project I am encountering an error. The error message
is as follows

D:C52\abc~1>sdcc main.rel user.rel slave.rel -code-loc 0x2000
--xram-loc 0x6000
?ASlink-Error-Could not get 12 consecutive bytes in internal RAM for
area OSEG.
?ASlink-Error-Could not get 11 consecutive bytes in internal RAM for
area OSEG.

How should I resolve this problem. If anyone know abt this please let
me know. That would be of great help.


Re: ASlink-Error - OSEG
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you ( the compiler ) has finished internal ram for variable storage

you can recover some bytes in these ways :

aliasing some variables between functions
shrink data buffers to minimum if possibile
use qualified pointers instead of generic pointers
move some variables in indirect ram ( idata keyword ) expecially data
buffers that are accessed trough pointers
move to some variable in external ram ( xdata keyword ) ditto

in the last two cases you have to inform the compiler ( the linker )
where these variables resides and eventually where the stack is ( past
the end of indirect variables )
read carefully the docs from the compiler to understand how this can
(must ) be done

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