a robot that cuts a design in grass?

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Hi group,
Does anyone know of robot (commercial or hobbyist) that will cut a
design in grass?  (like a peace symbol, flag, or radiation symbol)  I'm
not having any luck finding any 'bots like that on the 'net.
Matt Meerian

Re: a robot that cuts a design in grass?
There are one or two robotic grass cutters around, they aren't cheap.
You could hack one of those to cut patterns, with a lot of work.


Re: a robot that cuts a design in grass?

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You haven't been looking very hard have you?  Jeesh, those things have been
around for at least 3 years now!  The more modern ones have sentience,
plasma-tronic brains and omega-lithium batteries that recharge on ambient
light.  You can program them by sketching out your desired design on a used
paper napkin, hold it up to an array of scanning optical sensors, then off
it goes!  Most of them incorporate side-scanning LIDAR to avoid objects and
can maitain a pattern tolerance of 5 or 6 attometers.

Try these sites:  www.intellicutters.com, www.robomower.com

Good luck!

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