The coordination Values of space & time?

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If a "Resistor has values in time"
If a "Capacitor has values of HOLDiNGS?"
If a "constant in Time is Relevant to the CAUSE"
    Who is the COP - that is in the ideas of what a SIMPLED MORON IS. In

The basis is - the "it FACTORS PRESiDINGS", a constant unfoldings of energy
at the cores basics of what we see & OPERATE as in the ideas of what we see

The lower the species, the higher the COP Value in ELECTRONICS, in the
spaces of Time that is.

This as accorded in the overall Dynamics of what an s-TYPE capacitor is - in
the ideas of Time.

COP HATER NOT. Just wandering who "POLICES" the electronics atomic energy
systems at the cores levels of atomic energy cycles, as I have NEVER seen a
red light down there befores.

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