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Re: Gerry Harvey Retreats!
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they already have to do that, see your example above, no change.

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how do you figure that?

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Re: Gerry Harvey Retreats!
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Wrong. Its much easier to estimate if the item is worth more than
$1K or not and no big deal if you get that wrong ocassionally.

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Aust Post doesnt do that for free, even for the govt.

And even if it did, it would cost the post office more than that doing the
transaction anyway.

Re: Gerry Harvey Retreats!
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Before the $1000 was in place there was a rule that the break even
amount collected was $50.  ($500 declared valuation of goods).

This value would have risen over time and even at $1000 may only just
cover the costs involved. Paperwork is not free, takes considerable time.

Re: Gerry Harvey Retreats!
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Re: Gerry Harvey Retreats!
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Re: Gerry Harvey Retreats! So Globalism continues unabated at the distraught of BentGay?
Hey Cheryl,

Well, then we have to change the minds of people like Jeff Waters,
that EVERY human life is as precious as any other. It's this "laissez
faire" attitude, that well its only a handful of deaths, so we
shouldnt take action, which undermines human rights defenders
everywhere. I hope you send this email to Mr Waters and see what he

Yes, we already know about the time restriction of the ICC, which is a
farce to protect first world nations. Secondly, even the mass killer
Stalin knew that "one death is a tragedy, million deaths is just a

The ICC prosecutor is the one we target, and of course they wont dare
prosecute white genocidal first world nations. They are as toothless
as the rest of the clowns at the UN, NEVERTHELESS, we must hold them
to their mandate of prosecuting those who commit genocide and crimes
against humanity, to the letter of the law of the Rome Statute.

The ICC really has no jurisdiction in Darfur Sudan, Burma or any other
places in which they try to meddle. Why? because none of those places
have signed agreements with the UN and the ICC, regarding genocide and
crimes against humanity; Australia is one of the few "nations" who

Should they try to prosecute? Of course, they should. BUT as we can
see, those nations just tell the ICC to F' OFF, until they bring their
guns, which is unlikely unless there is oil to steal.

Australia is the few of the nations that has defered their criminal
code to the ICC, which makes the ICC's job much much easier. One hot-
air statement from the ICC is all it takes to have the High Court of
Australia on their knees. (Right-wing white nationalists will whine
about the constitution, not withstanding)

Here is an inception or the education of the ICC, regarding their own
mandate, for christ sakes!! They have been useless in Sudan, Angola,
Burma, Palestine etc etc, because of their hypocrisy; make an example
of first world nation such as Australia and other nations might
listen: ...

To the brighter side of life, have a wonderful and safe holiday
period, and may the New Year bring much more happy tidings.


On Fri, Dec 24, 2010 at 4:41 PM,

    Hi to you both,

    I forwarded these links around as widely as I could (incl. to Jeff
Waters - ABC journo) and thought I'd pass on
    an extract of the email response he sent me. Of course, with Jeff
being a journo, albeit not such a bad one, he's
    probably looking at the negative side of things but thought I'd
send it on all the same.

    Hope you and your families all share a peaceful, safe and happy
break over what's known as 'the festive season'!



    'I took a look at this and then went to have a look at the ICC
website to try to work out why they might have not answered requests
for prosecutions.

    Two things, firstly, the court has no jurisdiction for anything
which took place before 2002, when it was set up.

    Secondly, it says it is only responsible for prosecuting 93%the
gravest 93% genocide or war crimes. The court has been largely set up to
prosecute people for taking part in what could be describes as
massacres (as is evidenced by the prosecutions/cases to date) so, as
there have been no 93%massacres94% here since 2002, they don92%t seem likel=
to find white Australia92%s track record since that date bad enough to
warrant prosecutions. (You know that I work hard myself to try to
improve our record!)

    Finally, the only bodies which can bring action in this court are
member states (Canberra won92%t do it), the UN Security Council (highly
unlikely as well) and the court prosecutor.

    The prosecutor seems to concentrate on war zones, mass killings
and the like.'

    Hi everyone,

    Passing these 'interesting' links on fyi. ..=



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