555 Designer Hans Camenzind passed away

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Hans Camenzind, father of the NE555, dies at the age of 78

Last month one of the unsung heroes of electronics has passed away.
Hans Camenzind, father of one of the most famous integrated circuit of all
times, the Signetics timer NE555, timed out at the age of 78. Being a gifted
analog designer, Swiss-born Monsieur Camenzind is also credited to be the
father of class-D amplifiers and he has introduced...
http://dbaseserver.mistermail.nl/t/1201202/18522128/229507/0 /


New applications using the descendants of the NE555 are still appearing...

Re: 555 Designer Hans Camenzind passed away
On Mon, 10 Sep 2012 04:01:26 +0200, "yaputya"

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Interesting post - although I have never used a 555 timer once in the
last 50 years - might have to get one and have a play!
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