ElectronDepot.com Terms of Service

ElectronDepot.com Terms of Service

We appreciate your visit today and would like to make clear our respective rights and responsibilities related to this service. The owners and operators of ElectronDepot.com website (" ElectronDepot.com ") offer these informational and discussion services (the "Services") to you subject to the terms and conditions of use ("Terms") contained herein. By accessing, creating or contributing to any forum discussion hosted at ElectronDepot.com , and in consideration for the Services we provide to you, you agree to abide by these Terms. Please read them carefully before posting or commenting on ElectronDepot.com .

The Service Description

ElectronDepot.com provides a discussion platform that may include local discussion forums as well as access via Web, RSS and other information technologies to Usenet discussion groups. ElectronDepot.com provides fully-featured two-way interface to Usenet that enables you to both view and contribute to existing discussions as well as create new ones.

1. Rights in the Content You Submit

Default Creative Commons Public License

Unless you specify otherwise, any and all works of authorship copyrightable by you and posted by you to any blog or forum at ElectronDepot.com ("Content") are submitted under the terms of an Attribution-ShareAlike Creative Commons Public License. Under this license, you permit anyone to copy, distribute, display and perform your Content, royalty-free, on the condition that they credit your authorship each time they do so. You also permit others to distribute derivative works of your Content, but only if they do so under the same Attribution-ShareAlike license that governs your original Content. Please read the full text of the Attribution-ShareAlike Creative Commons Public License.

Among other things, this license permits RSS aggregators to copy, distribute, display and perform any Content you have created on ElectronDepot.com to be syndicated using RSS.

By posting your Content using the Services, you are granting ElectronDepot.com a non-exclusive, royalty-free, perpetual, and worldwide license to use your Content in connection with the operation of the Services, including, without limitation, the license rights to copy, distribute, transmit, publicly display, publicly perform, reproduce, edit, translate and reformat your Content, and/or to incorporate it into a collective work.

More Restrictive License Terms

At this time ElectronDepot.com does not offer an option to create content using terms more restrictive than Attribution-ShareAlike Creative Commons Public License within the context of the Usenet interface.


When publicly displaying, publicly performing, reproducing or distributing copies of your Content, or Content as incorporated into a collective work, ElectronDepot.com will make best efforts to credit your authorship. You grant ElectronDepot.com permission to use your user name (not your real name unless you provide your real name for the purpose) for such attribution purposes. You, likewise, agree to represent yourself accurately. You acknowledge that misrepresentation may lead us, in our sole discretion, to cancel your use of the Services and delete any of your Content.

2. Conduct


The staff at ElectronDepot.com believes deeply in free speech. Given our role in offering this service, however, we must reserve the right to remove certain content that you may post.

As a general matter, you may post content freely as a forum discussion or a comment to a forum discussion, so long as the content is not illegal, obscene, defamatory, threatening, infringing of intellectual property rights, invasive of privacy or otherwise injurious or objectionable.

You may not use the ElectronDepot.com name to endorse or promote any product, opinion, cause or political candidate. Representation of your personal opinions as endorsed by ElectronDepot.com is strictly prohibited.

As an example and not a limitation, you agree that you will not use this Service to

By posting a message on ElectronDepot.com , you warrant and represent that you either own or otherwise control all of the rights to that content, including, without limitation, all the rights necessary for you to provide, post, upload, input or submit the content, or that your use of the content is a protected fair use. You agree that you will not knowingly and with intent to defraud provide material and misleading false information. You represent and warrant also that the content you supply does not violate these Terms, and that you will indemnify and hold ElectronDepot.com harmless for any and all claims resulting from content you supply. You acknowledge that ElectronDepot.com does not pre-screen or regularly review posted content, but that it shall have the right to remove in its sole discretion any content that it considers to violate these Terms.


You understand that all content posted to ElectronDepot.com is the sole responsibility of the individual who originally posted the content. You understand, also, that all opinions expressed by users of this site are expressed strictly in their individual capacities, and not as representatives of ElectronDepot.com . You agree that ElectronDepot.com will not be liable, under any circumstances and in any way, for any errors or omissions, loss or damage of any kind incurred as a result of use of any content posted on this site. You agree that you must evaluate and bear all risks associated with the use of any content, including any reliance on the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of such content.

As an example and not a limitation, you agree that you will not use this Service to

If you are aggregating ElectronDepot.com via RSS or by other means, you agree to credit the original author of the Content and leave intact the link to the Content's URI on ElectronDepot.com website.


Content of ElectronDepot.com is not directed toward children under the age of 13 and we do not collect personal information from such children. By using this Service you recognize that the content of ElectronDepot.com may be viewed by children and you agree to only post comments and messages suitable for children.

3. Disclaimer of Warranties and Limitation of Liability

This site is provided on an "as is" and "as available" basis. ElectronDepot.com makes no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, as to the site's operation or the information, content or materials included on this site.

Any instructional material posted on ElectronDepot.com is a sole responsibility of the originlating author and by using this material you acknowledge that it was created within the scope and limitations of author's personal capacity and information available to provide such instruction or advice. Your are solely responsible for verification of applicability to your specific conditions and "reality check" of any advice or instructional material within ElectronDepot.com Content.

To the full extent permissible by applicable law, ElectronDepot.com hereby disclaims all warranties, express or implied, including but not limited to implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for any particular purpose. ElectronDepot.com will not be liable for any damages of any kind arising from the use of or inability to use this site. You expressly agree that you use this site solely at your own risk.

4. Privacy Policy

Please be sure to read our Privacy Policy, which is incorporated herein by reference.

5. Modification of These Terms of Use

ElectronDepot.com reserves the right to change, at any time, at our sole discretion, the Terms under which these Services are offered. You are responsible for regularly reviewing these Terms. Your continued use of the Services constitutes your agreement to all such Terms.

6. Digital Millennium Copyright Act

ElectronDepot.com respects the intellectual property of others, and requires that our users do the same. We respond to any complaints about an alleged infringement and comply with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act ("DMCA") If you believe that your work has been copied and is accessible on this site in a way that constitutes copyright infringement, or that your intellectual property rights have been otherwise violated, please visit our contact page and report the copyright infringement.

Please note that in accordance with DMCA your report has to contain several obligatory parts. We ask you to include all those in the body of the message:

7. Advertisements

ElectronDepot.com is supported by displaying advertisements alongside the Content. You agree that ElectronDepot.com shall not be held responsible or liable for any loss or damage resulting from your interaction with the advertisers, including any business conducted or a visit to the advertisers' websites as well as from the presense of such advertisement on this Service.

8. Terms License

This terms of use document is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States License. The staff and the owners/operators of ElectronDepot.com sincerely thank the Hardvard Law School for generously providing content of this heavily legalese document for reuse and adaptation under the Creative Commons 3.0 license.

These Terms of Service have been last updated on September 16th, 2011

If you require any more information or have any questions about our Terms of Service, please feel free to contact us by visiting our contact form page

By continuing the use of ElectronDepot.com website you acknowledge that you have read and are bound by this agreement.

Thank you for visiting ElectronDepot.com !