USB boot & throtteling

Hi there -
after installing Raspbian and berryboot on a USB stick, some kind of
throtteling can be observed.
The LXDE screen and ist terminal windows sometimes show a delay of about
1-2 seconds before an application starts after giving execution commands.
Anly clue?
Thanks - Udo
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Run "top" from a terminal and see what process is hogging so many resources. That's your first step.
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RS Wood
Which RPi model is it?
How big is your SD card and what type (not brand) is it? If you don't know how to find that out, then
formatting link

will help, especially the "Speed class rating" section.
Martin    | martin at 
Gregorie  | gregorie dot org
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Martin Gregorie
Am 06.06.2018 um 00:57 schrieb Martin Gregorie:
No SD-Card, Boot from USB
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Are you just observing that Raspbian seems to run slowly with your USB stick? Maybe the stick is just slow and you can get better speed if you get a faster stick or switch to an SD card?
I recently tried running Debian from an old USB stick (some 16 GB Kingston stick from 2008) in a PC and yes, everything was slow. Much slower than running from an old hard disk.
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Anssi Saari
Or for a more useful, configurable and colourful display "htop".
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