needing ethernet to install is absurd!

He writes:--
|Internet Connection Sharing using iptables
| Networking
| It is very easy to setup an internet connection sharing in Linux
| system using iptables. This method can be used to share an internet
| connection from a Linux system(I used Fedora Core 6, but it should
| work on other distributions that support iptables). Another method
| of doing this is using a proxy server like squid.
|Enable IP forwarding
--- snip N lines --- bla...bla
|Second System
|LAN Card connected to the first system
| * IP :
| *
Netmask :
| * Gateway : (IP of the second Card in the first
| system)
| Linux networks is not a subject I am an expert on. So take my advice
| with a pinch of salt. The above procedure worked for me. YMMV.
Screw you! I don't want to know about: iptables, squid, IP forwarding !!
Ethernet for rPi is as absurd as windscreen-wipers on a bicycle.
If you become thirsty while busy at your work bench, you just go to
the nearest convenient outlet, with your and
get some water. Finished! You don't employ a plumbing architect
to file plans for a 'network' with the city building authorities.
AFAICS the standard way of installing 3 packages to rPi is:
potatoes bananas shoes
where KNOWS the current IP of the archives - which is
hidden from the user, in the binary.
cat `which apt-get`| strings | grep http
show one possible URL.
So, until you've installed the packages to allow the rPi to
connect-to-inet via one of its 2 USBports, you'd need to have
the rPi request your PC to fetch the packages.
So you need the absurd eth*
So, where's the minimal instructions, and what type of cable
must I buy to interconnect to a standard PC?
I must admitt that rPi is not so absurd as OLPC, which although
intended for the most primitive rural environment, didn't even
have a USEnet group. The smart-arses were trying to communicate
from California/Boston with scholars in the jungle, using full
featured web-browsers.
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Theo Markettos
At the risk of feeding someone with the same email address as someone accused in another thread of being a troll...
Ethernet on the Pi works perfectly well. It was just about trivial to plug in an SD card with the Raspbian image (or install Raspbian via NOOBS), plug plug a network cable between the Pi and a port on my outer router, boot up the Pi, and do "apt-get update" and "apt-get install ..."
My two-part plan for my first Pi is to 1) have it feed video from a USB TV tuner over ethernet to my main computer; 2) capture audio via analog cable from the main computer and send the audio samples over ethernet to a thin/zero-client machine. (The snd_aloop kernel module and net-JACK used to do the latter job until snd_aloop became broken.)
Robert Riches 
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Robert Riches
And for the Model A?
roger ivie
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Roger Ivie
remove the SD card and put it in a 'B', or use a USB network interface (eth or wifi).
?? 100% natural
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Jasen Betts

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