HOW2 simulate a keybrd-press ?

We want to start: gpicview *jpg, and immediately switch
to full-screen-mode; which is done by .
But `man gpicview` says it has no options.
And if the
it would need be spawned by gpicview ?
Or is there a lightweight *
.jpg to FrameBuffer utility?
This is for an educational toy.
And also,
would the following pseudo-code be suitable for cycling
pictures with their matching audio?
Write shell script to:--
FOR i := First TO Last DO
aplay $i.wav;
killall //after aplay times-out
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'fbi' might work for you.
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Gordon Henderson
Have a look at the example code in /opt/vc/src/hello_pi
Specifically the hello_jpeg code. This decodes and displays jpegs on the screen using the hardware, so will be fast.
Look at the README file first, you need to build the libaries, then build the program. It should take a minute or two in total, if you are up to that. No changes to any files required.
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xdotool search --name "Image Viewer" key F11
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Rob Morley
xmacroplay is very useful for that kind of thing. With a bit of scripting, it is possible to automate web login sequences or even printing both sides of a check on an online banking site.
Robert Riches 
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Robert Riches
Wow, thanks! That looks custom made for my requirents.
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