You think you have too much junk?

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Think again. This guy better re-think his pricing strategy...

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At $10,500 per pallet US$, this sounds extremely expensive!!

If this was in the US, the most I would pay (including shipping) would be $

1000 per pallet. Even that is a major risk without knowing the actual con tents. You can buy store returns for around $1500 per pallet. At least th ere, you have an idea of the contents and the status of the units.

I think, I'll pass on this one. Dan

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I would expect him to pay me at least AU$880,000 to take it away. Comes to only about AU$2/pound or AU4.40/kg.

Peter Wieck Melrose Park, PA

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He wants $13,888 per pallet of e-waste.

I would say he needs to find better medications...

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A perfectly reasonable "want", probably derived from "I need X, I have Y, therefore I want X/Y for each Y". All very logical, if unrealistic.

I'm cautious about making fun of someone with unknown circumstances and problems. "There but for the grace of god go I", and all that.

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Tom Gardner

it's a smorgasboard!!!


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M Philbrook

Not just e-waste, but also sewing machines, mowers, sinks, etc. For two and a half million you can turn your home and land into this man's toilet...

Which reminds me of a Jeff Foxworthy quote: "Why do rednecks always have a lawnmower but never have a lawn?"

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