LCR meter recommendations?

Hi all,

I'm looking to acquire a new LCR meter to replace the old bridges I've been formerly using, which can be a bit cumbersome. Can anyone recommend one from personal experience? I've watched all sorts of 'tear down' videos on YT but it's not clear if the people reviewing are involved in some way with the manufacturers and therefore biased, hence I'd like to hear from regular, independent users on their personal experience with these devices.



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I'm happy with this one purchased years ago.

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Today there are some really interesting and much cheaper multi purpose testers (transistor, lcr, esr etc.) on Ebay. All reviews I read so far are very positive about their accuracy.

Here is just one example, search for "lcr tester" to find more.

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I've been using an "LCR700" for a while now.

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Frequencies: 100, 120 Hz, 1, 10, 100 kHz

Works well so far, can resolve single-digit milliohms ESR too (although for such low values one really needs to run the self-calibration just before making the measurement). Has limits at very high capacitances in the tens of thousands microfarads (where it can only measure ESR but not the capacitance itself). Battery life is ok, but not stellar. I would recommend taking the battery out of the meter when it's kept in storage for longer periods of time (and also to use rechargeable batteries).

Unfortunately quite expensive at official Sanwa overseas distributors, but at much more reasonable prices in online shops in Japan (even with package forwarder fees, import duties and taxes still basically 2/3 of the official distributor price here).

Regards Dimitrij

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Dimitrij Klingbeil

Ther is no real difference in the Peak meter and the other one off ebay other than the case. Many of the ones on ebay for around $ 15 to $ 25 test LCR and solid state devices where Peak tries to sell two seperate meters.

The one I bought off ebay a couple of years ago seems to work very well. I did put it in a plastic case. While not lab quality, it is good enough to test devices to see if they are close to their specified values or not any good at all.

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You really need to define what the intended use is. A

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Ron D.

today the DEREE DE-5000 is the best bang for buck considering LCR meters precision those $20 multi testers are not precision instruments, but can be sufficiant for troubleshooting, not more. for me they are not lcr meters.

you can find deree de5000 on ebay ( in japan) for some $100 shipped dont forget the tweezers probes it is useless without.

example link here :

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