how to repair DDR memory RAM?

any good website? instructment.

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In theory it can be done. It=B4s just a matter of replacing the damaged chip (or chips) in the DIMM, taking into account that the replacement chips should have the same speed and working frequency as the original ones. But SERIOUSLY, with RAM prices so low, and RAM chips made of "unobtanium", what do you want to accomplish? Destroy a good module to repair another? What kind of customer will pay you more to "repair" a DDR module instead of paying you to simply replace it? Also, who will want a repaired and unreliable DIMM inside a PC, risking data loss at least? Remeber that in a PC almost everything is disposable.

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He's posting from Hong Kong, so he might have access to the raw chips. Its not that hard to replace the chips, and if I had a pile of the same modules, I'd give it a shot, just for the satisfaction. Of course, it would depend on whether it was from a normal failure, or a blown system that had suffered a power surge. I've replace a lot of flash memory and other high density SMD ICs by hand. It doesn't take long if you're good at it, and have the proper tools.

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