Firmware for Tektronix 496 or 492 Analyzer (Ser.Nr. B030000 & UP)


my Tektronix 496 Spectrumanalyzer suddenly doesn't make any digitally work, some key-LED's light and a very slow analog sweep can be seen on the screen. After looking at the servicmanual and testing the 6800-prozessor good i have start the internal self-test by setting the DIP-Switch S1033 on the Memory-Board. After Power-On and waiting for a few seconds the ROM-LED DS1038 on the Prozessor-Board blinks 16 times, which means that the PROM U2023 (160-0838-00, Mostek MK36xxx, 8kByte, same as in 492/492P SN B030000 & UP) on the Memory Board has tested bad.

Because i'm equipped with an eprom-programmer, it is possible for me to program an new eprom myself - i only need the ROM-Image (8K) for the defective ROM-Device U2023 (160-0838-00)!

I've asked the tektronix support, but they don't have any ROM Image for the


Do any have a 8 kB ROM Image for the TEK 496 / 492 or do know where i can get it?

Greetings from Bavaria,


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Andreas ha scritto:

Andreas, join this group, it is possible that someone can do an image of ROM you need.

formatting link

Cheers, Piero.

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Piero Soldi

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