Brake light fuse blows intermittently

My daughters 97 Avalon blows the brake light fuse about every other day. I thought I'd eliminate some wiring as a troubleshooting procedure. There is a connector block on the side next to the drivers foot. I found the brake light wire at the connector and in the trunk. I cut the wire at the connector and ran a new wire from the front to the trunk, I also cut the wire in the trunk, and wired the new wire to the brake lights. That leaves just a short old wire in the trunk going to both the left and the right brake light. The fuse opened again a couple days later.

Is there anything internal to the brake lights that could short to cause the fuse to blow?

There is at least one other circuit run by that fuse, there is a shift lever release (solenoid?) mechanism. You must push the brake pedal to move the shift lever.

Any help? Thanks, Mikek

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Modern cars have lots of things connected to the brake circuit: cruise control computer; engine management computer (strange, but true); "burned out bulb" sensor circuit; as well as the shift lock-out solenoid.

You might unplug one section at a time from the harness for a week and see if it still blows. "Long term" troubleshooting...

Good luck!

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