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Stops mid bios startup

May 25, 2020, 10:17 am

My BIOS startup screen stops in the middle of the like DEL to Bootup ESC t That's right, doens't finish the to If I keep del pressed when reboot it says DEL to reboot no ESC It was working fift... Read more »

Motion Detector senstitivty

May 24, 2020, 12:48 pm

Ever since the quake a few years ago the motion detector switch by my front hall has been too sensitive, causing me to use it manually. I opened it to look for a sensitivty adjuser, no luck. Am co... Read more »

USB Charging Module for 3.7V Lithium battery recommendation request

May 20, 2020, 7:00 am

I have a pair of Even h3 headphones that had a short to ground on the positive Voltage supply. The battery has a small circuit board attached to the terminals, similar battery ct's state built-in... Read more »

315M Laser fringe issues, help needed...

May 19, 2020, 6:36 pm

Hi there, I have a working 315M DPSS laser, with the controller, power supply, and a weird autostart dongle without the ready light... I am trying holography again (thanks Fred unterseher... Read more »

Closed Captioning with Blu Ray players

May 18, 2020, 5:52 pm

I have a four-year old Panasonic Blu Ray player. It only has a single HDMI connector for connection to a TV. There is a CC button on the remote. When a play a Blu Ray or DVD, for a recent movie, the... Read more »

" Flexible" wire for use in headphones with earcups that swivel?

May 18, 2020, 8:55 am

I have a pair of Even H3 headphones, the wire that carries power from one earcup circuit board (where the battery and USB connector live) to the other earcup (where the control and sound circuitr... Read more »

Vintage transistors and tin whiskers

  [ 2 ]
May 17, 2020, 2:15 pm

Gentlemen, I have some old OC171 transistors from an old Eddystone short wave radio I'm restoring. The problem is I suspect they've developed whiskers, as the resistance readings from e,c and b ... Read more »

DPF Cleaners

May 17, 2020, 11:14 am

Hi all, Does anyone have any experience of this stuff? /Wynns Professional Off Car Diesel Particulate Filter DPF Flush Cleaner/ Supposedly the next best thing to an actual physical DPF replacement... Read more »

router command line reboot

May 14, 2020, 8:41 pm

my wifi router locks up a lot physically removing power for a few seconds works every time when it locks up I can't log into it with a browser over wifi after a physical reboot I can log into it w... Read more »

Part datasheet +/or supplier

May 14, 2020, 7:30 pm

I am looking for a replacement part. It is an 8-pin SMD IC with the following on it: F6091/SN1321 From what I can gather, it is a solid state fuse. I am looking for a supplier of these (google se... Read more »

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My network used to work.

My network is set up like this: Charter cable modem -> my Netgear cable modem used as a wireless router -> Airlink secondary router used as a secondary wireless access point. Things were so easy ... Read more »


Learning Electrical Repair

  [ 2 ]

I don't want to pick up another career or spend 20 years learning electrical repair, but I would like to learn something about this area. I don't care for ham radios or tv repair either. But barring ... Read more »


Sony PS-LX510

Is there anyone who might be familar w/ this turntable? Problem w/ sticking linear tracking tonearm. I cleaned the dust & dirt off the rail but may need to lube it. What do I use? Also, a source ne... Read more »


Are faulty APC UPS's easy repairs or is it throw in the trash?

Hi, I have two faulty APC BackUPS CS500's each with a different fault. The first unit will switch to battery when there is a power cut. However, when the power is restored, it will not switch back t... Read more »


Fluke 87 LCD

This is a straightforward question. I don't want it to become a megillah or a tsimmes. My 20-year-old Fluke 87 has one or two segments and several enunciators that have dimmed. I assume this is due ... Read more »


Source for non polar caps

Need a source for some non polar electro caps. Tried all the usual suspects. values 6.5 uF 25v and 3.3 uF 25v TIA Red Read more »


Identifying Scrap Metal in old VCR's

Every spring, as I do my cleaning, I take the time to strip the metal from all the old appliances I discard. I remove the aluminum parts and strip anything that may be attached to them. The recyc... Read more »


How do USB players keep track of position.

The devices that plug into the cigarette lighter and play sound from a USB drive through car radio speakers have the ability to remember where they left off, and, even when power is removed from th... Read more »


Allen and Heath PA CP power amp

  [ 2 ]

Hi, I'm a bit puzzled by this blown power amp, as the design of these things is not really my forte. (I have posted the schematic over on alt.binaries.schematics.electronic) The problem is around th... Read more »


black and decker coffee pot wiring diagram

I have a Black and Decker coffee maker model # CM1050B type 2. I need the value of the #1 resistor on the control board #HET-BST CM1050-P. Resistor is burned and cracked. It looks like a one watt c... Read more »