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hi Gurus,
You all must be wond3(e)ring why I saluted with "Guru"s
As stated in subject line I am new to Embedded system, and
electronics. and for me, all of you are geneous than me. from each of
your hint, i am going to learn.
Yup, for your reference, I am B.E. IT from reputed COE in MS India. I
know C, C++ and Java with JSP and JScript.
My dream to work as system programmer, doesn't matter if its other
company of mine own. (Why am i working as maintainence programmer???)
But I really work in Embedded system at least as hobbyist.

Now I am starting with PIC 16F877A. I got a development board
(localized, not standard) and a ICSP(whats this?) programmer. I am
using proteus 7.0 and MPLAB.

on my board, there are 8 LEDs which are connected to PORTA and I am
desparatedlyyy wanted to blink one of those LED(so that i can proceed
to other things with confidence). but but but.... those are as good as
dead. I wrote a program for it. whn i simulate, it works fine. but
after writing on MCU it is showing nothing but dead LEDs.

Now I am stuck. I beg your request to help me out. Plz Plzzzzzzzzz
help me. I am stuck.....

FYR: my board schematic: %
Program which i used:

;16f877 a/d test routine

        __config _LVP_OFF & _XT_OSC & _WDT_OFF & _PWRTE_ON & _CP_OFF &
        list p16%f877

        include ""

        ; Start at the reset vector
        org     0x000
        goto    Start
        org     0x004
        bsf     STATUS,RP0      ;bank 1
        bcf     STATUS,RP1
        movlw   H'00'
        movwf   TRISA           ;portc [7-0] outputs
        clrf    ADCON1          ;left justified, all inputs a/d
        bcf     STATUS,RP0      ;bank 0
        movlw   B'01000001'     ;Fosc/8 [7-6], A/D ch0 [5-3], a/d on
        movwf   ADCON0
        call    ad_porta
        goto    Main

                                ;wait for acquision time (20uS)
                                ;(non-critical for this test)

        bsf     ADCON0,ADON       ;Start A/D conversion
        btfsc   ADCON0,GO       ;Wait for conversion to complete
        goto    Wait

        movf    ADRESH,W        ;Write A/D result to PORTA
        movwf   PORTA           ;LEDs


Re: newbie...

Quoted text here. Click to load it

In Circuit Serial Programming

Quoted text here. Click to load it %

I cannot find a link for the schematic on that page.  I am assuming that
the LEDs are pre-wired on the board with whatever resisters may be
necessary to keep power disipation minimal.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Perhaps to simplify this test, it would be easier to ignore the A/D
coverter output, and simply turn on some of the LEDs directly.  That will
prevent any confusion over what might be being fed into the A/D converter.

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