low cost microcontroller with RS32

Hi I'm trying to build a simple system with a microcontroller and 2 RS232 ports to receive data on 1 port and send out new data on the 2nd port

requirements are

  1. 2x RS232 UART port, configurable comm settings
  2. 64k internal memory to store the RS232 strings database
  3. 2x 8 bit IO port to select options using 8bit dip switches

I've worked with an 8051 many years ago and from what I've been reading again, it looks like it should do the job quite well.

any advice? a development kit would help too.

thanks Lim

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Looks fine, use the 89C51ed2 from Atmel- 64K internal flash +eeprom etc.Will boot load your code over the RS232 post as well!

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Have a look at various Zilog parts.


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Maciej Sawicki

Dallas Semiconductor / Maxim used to make an 8051 derivative with 2 serial ports (320?)

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I used to use the Dallas DS2252(T), serial in/out on TI/TX and bitbang on p1.x for the other port. With the internal ram you can compensate for speed problems.

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Ryan Weihl

Yes Dallas 89c450 is 64 k part2k ram with dual rs232's also has a boot loader via rs232. marvellous chip

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