how to interface bluetooth(WRL1300) module with ATMEGA32?

I'm working on project "Air mouse" sensing the hand movement using accelerometer
sensor which gives acceleration values in x,y,& z direction.
These analog values will be converted into digital form and then transmitting
the same using bluetooth module to computer for cursor movement.
Here I need help to interface bluetooth(WRL1300) module with
ATMEGA32(microcontroller). please give any suggestions..
Thank you..
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I've worked with the ATMega32 but I'm not familiar with the WRL1300 module, so all I can do is point you towards somewhere where you're more likely to get a good answer.
Try asking this question over in the group comp.arch.embedded. This group (alt.microcontrollers.8bit) has very little traffic.
Rich Webb     Norfolk, VA
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Rich Webb
go to - a great wealth of help is there
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