430 ...ARMv6

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 Dont have info ...  I know the 430 is ultra low power
 and the ARMv6 is much higher potential , so
how far away are they ?
 I'm not on-line , i must put up with a Asian internet
 cafe .

 Whats the amps on a ARMv6 at full speed ...
  430 can do .00025 amps.

 Seen any starter boards for ARMv6 ?
 I dont know the  #'s ,  only the core .
 I want to power an LCD 2.5"  to  7"
 I will use 10 softkeys and a 2.5/1.8 HDD
 and lots of card slots ( SD etc )

 Just for tinkering i got a X drive 6230 .
 It has CF slot . How did it survive this long
 with a 50 pin connector !!! It's dead meat .
  Hold down ON and MENU and it says
 "CF yada yada not installed"  That must be the
  way to upgrade system .
   I wanna see the OpSys disassembled ....

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