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Hi all,

I was emulating kernel image and rootfs using qemu.

qemu -kernel vmlinuz- -initrd test.cpio.gz /dev/ zero as mentioned in ramfs-rotfs documentation. every thing works fine. But i have some confusion here...

What is the role of /dev/zero.

anyone please explain..

Regards, Nabendu

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Search at google with: "what is /dev/zero for" turned up:

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Best result is:

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YOU could have done the same...


Jerry McBride (jmcbride@mail-on.us)
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Jerry McBride

I think i wanted to know "what is the role of /dev/zero here?"..in the qemu command..

qemu -kernel vmlinuz- -initrd test.cpio.gz /dev/ zero

when i am not using /dev/zero qemu is executing and shutting down the run window..why thats so..

Regards, Nabendu

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Nabendu schrieb:

Qemu requires you to specify a hard disk to boot from. Obviously, if you load a kernel directly and have your root file system on a ramdisk, you don't need it. But you still have to specify it: Your emulated hda is /dev/zero - nothing.

Another approach would be to have a command line like:

qemu -kernel vmlinux-2.6 -initrd test.cpio.gz -hda /dev/zero

You could have read this in the Qemu documentation, too. It is mentioned there.

Regards, Sebastian

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Thanks a lot.I should have read that.

Regards, Nabendu

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