kmem_cache_alloc_one_tail BUG

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I am porting my Linux 2.4 code from an evaluation board with an MPC8275
processor and 8 Mbytes of flash, consisting of four Sharp
LH28F016SCT-L95 flash chips, to a custom board with an MPC8270
processor and 8 Mbytes of flash, consisting of two Intel 28F320C3 flash
chips.  The custom board is crashing when mounting the JFFS2
filesystem.  Specifically, with debugging on, in
kmem_cache_alloc_one_tail, I reach the following BUG:

if (cachep->flags & SLAB_POISON)
if (kmem_check_poison_obj(cachep, objp))

Anyone seen this before and solved this problem?

Thank you.

Re: kmem_cache_alloc_one_tail BUG

Quoted text here. Click to load it

If you look in "mm/slab.c" you'll find there are three ways to die of
a poisoned slab cache:

POISON_INUSE    - Using an uninitialized slab
POISON_FREE    - Use after free
POISON_END    - Store-past-end-byte

The OOPS traceback in "/var/log/messages" should help determine how
you got here.


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