Executing linux directly from flash

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Hi folks,

I'm targeting uClinux for an evaluation board with 1Mb SRAM and 8MB
flash.  Since 1MB is not enough to run uClinux from I am looking at
executing the kernel directly from Flash.

Can this be done?  If so, are there any specific tricks to accomplish
this?  Better still a 'HOWTO'?

I've tried to accomplish this using a simple bootloader which
essentially does the following..

     kernel_start = (void_fn)FLASH_START_ADDRESS;

Any help or direction appreciated,


Re: Executing linux directly from flash
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Hmm, probably not relevant to your case, since I doubt your motherboard
has USB port and can boot off it.  But, I'm booting off USB key for my

ThinFlash: Linux thin-client on USB key (flash) drive
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