CFP: 2nd International Workshop on GCC Research Opportunities (GROW'10)

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                         CALL FOR PARTICIPATION

                             2nd Workshop on
                        GCC Research Opportunities


                      January 23, 2010, Pisa, Italy

                 (co-located with HiPEAC 2010 Conference)


We invite you to participate in GROW 2010, the Workshop on GCC
opportunities, to be held in Pisa, Italy in January 23, 2010, along
the conference on High-Performance Embedded Architectures and

The Workshop Program includes:
      * Presentations of 8 selected papers
      * A Keynote talk by Diego Novillo, Google, Canada, on:
      "Using GCC as a toolbox for research: GCC plugins and whole-
      * A panel on plugins and the future of GCC

The Workshop Program is now available:

GROW workshop focuses on current challenges in research and
development of
compiler analyses and optimizations based on the free GNU Compiler
Collection (GCC). The goal of this workshop is to bring together
from industry and academia that are interested in conducting research
on GCC and enhancing this compiler suite for research needs. The
will promote and disseminate compiler research (recent, ongoing or
with GCC, as a robust industrial-strength vehicle that supports free
collaborative research. The program will include an invited talk and a
discussion panel on future research and development directions of GCC.

**** Topics of interest ****

Any issue related to innovative program analysis, optimizations and
run-time adaptation with GCC including but not limited to:

 * Classical compiler analyses, transformations and optimizations
 * Power-aware analyses and optimizations
 * Language/Compiler/HW cooperation
 * Optimizing compilation tools for heterogeneous/reconfigurable/
   multicore systems
 * Tools to improve compiler configurability and retargetability
 * Profiling, program instrumentation and dynamic analysis
 * Iterative and collective feedback-directed optimization
 * Case studies and performance evaluations
 * Techniques and tools to improve usability and quality of GCC
 * Plugins to enhance research capabilities of GCC

**** Organizers ****

 Dorit Nuzman, IBM, Israel
 Grigori Fursin, INRIA, France

**** Program Committee ****

 Arutyun I. Avetisyan, ISP RAS, Russia
 Zbigniew Chamski, Infrasoft IT Solutions, Poland
 Albert Cohen, INRIA, France
 David Edelsohn, IBM, USA
 Bjorn Franke, University of Edinburgh, UK
 Grigori Fursin, INRIA, France
 Benedict Gaster, AMD, USA
 Jan Hubicka, SUSE
 Paul H.J. Kelly, Imperial College of London, UK
 Ondrej Lhotak, University of Waterloo, Canada
 Hans-Peter Nilsson, Axis Communications, Sweden
 Diego Novillo, Google, Canada
 Dorit Nuzman, IBM, Israel
 Sebastian Pop, AMD, USA
 Ian Lance Taylor, Google, USA
 Chengyong Wu, ICT, China
 Kenneth Zadeck, NaturalBridge, USA
 Ayal Zaks, IBM, Israel

**** Previous Workshops ****


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