Voice recorder flash-mem pinout ?


I bought an Olympus D1000 digital voice recorder, which is apparently a discontinued model, and difficult to get information about.

The flash card is marked '2 Mb 3.3/5 Volts'.

It has 2 rows of 30 contacts plus 3 separate, which I guess are for power.

Parallel addressing of 2M bytes would require [256*4]^2 *2 -> 10+10+1 = 21 Adr bits and 8 data = 29 lines ?

This leaves 2 spare lines for 'control'.

Since a voice recorder is basically serial and slow, I'm surprised that the flash-mem is not accessed serially. Especially since to 'fast forward', one has to pass the 'messages' between.

OTOH messages in the middle can be deleted, so there is perhaps some random access ? But no, since the 'delete mesg' is slow, this could be also serial.

Q1. Is this flash card some kind of standard ? NewsPosts dating back to 1998 discuss this model recorder.

Q2. What type/standard flask mem does this describe ?

Q3. how many adr and data lines and control lines are used ? i.e. what's the configuration ?

Q4. can I expect to be able to buy extra cards ? The local agent says my model is a 'grey import' and discontinued. They don't like competition.

I've read about a PCMIA adaptor to PC for these flash cards. And a parallel port adaptor.

Q5. How many adr., data, control lines are on a PCMIA adaptor ?

Thanks for any infomation/advice,

== Chris Glur

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