Small Switching power supplies and small fans

I help take apart old computers for the scrap value for a guy and have been saving the small switching supplies from the external hard drive, SCSI CD drives, tape drives and the fans. Most of the supplies are +12, +5 at about 1-2 amp. Some have +-12v,

+5v. The fans are all sizes from 1 in to 4 in and most of them run on 12v.

If you need one let me know.

Cost - Shipping + a postcard sent from where you live.


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I bought a hard disk case with an IDE to USB adapter in it, and PS. This allowed me to plug a 30 GB HD into it, and now I can go to any other PC and have GBs of pictures and stuff at my fingertips.

Problem is that it's an aluminum case, and it was designed to hold a 1" or 25mm fan in the back, but this was not in there when I bought it. After running the HD for a few hours, it gets noticeably warm, but so far because it's an aluminum case, the heat has dissipated enough to prevent it from damaging the HD.

A guy I know has one like it, and it came with the small fan in back. But literally months after he got it, the fan died. And it's all because the fan makers made a low budget, poorly made fan, that wasn't made to run for any lenth of time. I think what I'd like to have is a regular full sized fan blowing on the case, or a squirrel cage fan that would fit on the back and blow into the hole. But it's not really a problem, it's working okay without one now.

I've got several different fans, from PSes and some small ones for 3Com ethernet hubs, which are made to run 24/7, but they eventually die after a few years. So I can do a fan if I need to, but I just haven't got around to it yet.

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