I have a piece of test equipment with a touch pad that has delaminated and would cost $500.00 to replace. Is it possible to adapt a computer keyboard to replace the touchpad? The touchpad has a numeric keypad and a variety of function keys. The flat cable going to it has 12 wires. I have an old (new in bag) keyboard from a TI 94A (boy does that date me!) that looks like it would plug into a remote keypad plugin on the display circuit board. If the keyboard just acts as switches, couldn't I just remap the keys?


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Terry Kangas
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You need to determine how the old touchpad was wired either by measuring with an ohm meter if it is still functional or by taking it apart and examining it. It is not likey that your old keyboard will work but once you know how the original was wired you can check it.

The other alternitive is to make you own keyboard using descrete pushbutton switchs.


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Dan H

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