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Hi all,

Can you all point me to a place which sells PCB prototyping equipment for a decent price. I am looking at small jobs using the photo-resist method, though I might not be averse to the toner transfer method. Mainly looking for digital electronics, using microcontrollers etc.

The one piece of equipment I am really looking for is a PCB drill. Can anyone tell me the specifications for that?

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Sachin Garg
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"Equipment"? or supplies? Not much "equipment" involved. Piece of glass to hold everything flat, lamp of appropriate type for exposing photosensive material, glass baking pans for developing, etching, etc. etc.

Are you also looking for projects?

I just use my $50 bench-top cheap Chinese drill press. Nothing particularly magic there either.

Many places sell PC board supplies. Dunno what your definition of a "decent price" is, however. Have you looked around at what is being sold?

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Richard Crowley

Which country are you in? I doubt you can air freight the acid.

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Le 23/07/2003 23:37:34, "CWatters" a écrit:

Sorry, but I don't understand your question! Are you assuming that only one country on the earth is producing acid?

-- Christian - Grenoble

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Christian HOSTELET

Equipment for PCB prototyping... The following link does not sell anything, but you probably can get some information by starting from there:

formatting link

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