74LS14 2 out of 3 aint bad ??

Hi all,

I have a simple squarewave going into 3 inputs of inverter gates. 2 of them have outputs and the 3rd does not. All 3 have inputs, 2 have outputs. Now I've isolated the output pins by lifting them out of the IC socket so theres no chance of them being shorted out anywhere. I've changed the Inverter chip about 8 times from various sources. But still the 3rd output does not work. This does not make sence and just can't happen :( anyone got any thoughts ?

Thanks Chris

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ignore this ive worked out out after god knows how many hours. The input wave was offset from ground by about 0.5volts so the inverter was seeing a high input all the time, hence my low output all the time :-\


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