Atari 10-in-1 Joystick

Has anyone seen Atari 10-in-1 Joystick?

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It looks really cool! This is the first time that I have seen a commercially available Atari Resurrection implemented in hardware. Others are usually emulated in software. I wonder what kind of chip inside that joystick? Is it an FPGA? And how many gates would it take to make those games?


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there is also commodore-in-joystick as those products are deep low priced they do have an ASIC inside not FPGA. made in china. at 18.77USD end user price it is not possible to have FPGA based product. not yet, the FPGA prices are not so down! BTW in Germany the same thing costs 34EURO !!

I think the atari in joystick is made by that guy who had a webpage about the 2600 in FPGA, he never released any design files and went commercial. The commodore-in-joystick is designed by and girl named Jeri who also designed C1 reconfigurable computer, but then obviously decided there is more money in joystick business.


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Antti Lukats

Is this a 2600 in a joystick or an 800?

The 800 is a descendant of the 2600 in many ways, but significantly different in others.

I suspect from the number of other gaming things-on-sticks that they may have produced a platform that can emulate many others, i.e. an emulator on-a-stick. This is practical in today's technology. If it only has to emulate one machine, and doesn't have to run under a bloated OS like windows, it gets a lot easier as a task. An ARM chip would probably be up to the job, since they are used in some Intel's latest embedded CPU chips (under a new name to save Intel's pride).

For example,a mate of mine ported a game boy emulator onto a mobile phone CPU.

The amount of work involved in designing 20 such gaming products individually in FPGA would be enormous.

I'm finding it plenty of work getting the 800 alone into an FPGA. Currently dual-porting the system bus between the CPU and the VDU sections. Originally it was just the RAM bus, but the ANTIC may need to access ROM as well.


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