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Silicon Crystal Growth Supplies K*TEC FREQ GEN ETC $50K FOR $15K
I have 3 items total new cost was approx 50k will let go for 15k US$. ALL K*TEC ELECTRONICS One item brand new, just the face plate has come loose. All were being returned for service when...
Ann: Stag ZL30 Logic Programmer Resources Page
This message to announce that I have just created a resource page for the Stag ZL30 Logic Programmer at address: regards, MB.
ISART 2004 Call-for-Papers
INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON ADVANCED RADIO TECHNOLOGIES (ISART 2004) MARCH 2-4, 2004 Boulder, CO CALL FOR PAPERS =========================== The ISART technical program committee is soliciting papers...
Anybody (UK) remembers Datalab DL 905 Transient Recorder?
To all readers who are as oldfashion minded as I am :-): I happended to rescue said device from going to the ashes. The value of such bricks is in their structure rather than in the sum of their...
GR 805C
Hi from Spain: I have a very old Signal generator from Gen Rad. This one is the model 805 C I will be very grateful if somebody would can sent me a brief plane of the RF stages (RF Osc. and RF ampl.)...
Re: AQ-7902C Floppy disk memory
Dear Sir , Please explain more what you are looking for? I have access to a surplus where there are plenty of second hand hp measurement, analyzers etc.. equipment. The references of this surplus are:...
Re: Please Help--Newbie seeks quality Signal Generator
I'm sure that you, or someone, could make anything you want, given enough funds. It's just difficult to control the waveform when things get that fast. Plus, why would you need all that flexibility...
2445B focus problem
I have a 2445B scope on which I can not adjust focus to obtain a clear sharp trace. The best focus is achieved somewhere in the middle of the range of the focus pot which leads me to believe that this...
Re: Differential mode transmission lines with no groundplane
Tech The virtual ground exists only for the differential mode, so the common mode needs a ground return path. Using multiple modes on transmission lines has been common practice on telephone circuits...
rfq: reel to reel etching capability
I am looking for a US company that has reel-to-reel etching capability for very high volume production. The part is actually a clad material comprised of stainless steel and copper. The stainless...
Re: Help! - Problems with UPS unit for computer equipment
Also look on the back of the unit. There might be a momentary push button that is used to change the input acceptance window. If you AC input is marginal then it might be faulting. I have seen APC's...
Re: Pictures : BRAIN ELECTROCUTION BY SHOOTING AT FACE (was Re: Do Hyenas Howl On A Full Moon Night ?)
Stop picking on the poor sock puppet. Better yet, go rent "A Beautiful Mind" and the you'll know the rest of the story. He had death rays too you know......
Re: Twin cored co-axial cables
In message , Bob Myers writes You could also mooch around your local computer salvage place and watch out for IBM System 36/38 or AS/400 kit, they used Twinaxial cable, though I'm not sure of the...
FA: Ebay Digital cameras & Misc - Olympus C-2000 Zoom & PDC700
thanks for looking
Re: WTB: 1/4 Oz. copper-clad FR4
Maybe not 1/4 Oz, but check : under "PCB Laminate". B.t.w, what are you building with 1/4 Oz laminate ? Jan-Erik. Dev Null wrote: