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I missed the first part of this, so sorry if some of this has already been said.

You cannot do immunity testing, even as low as 1 V/m, without a shielded enclosure - you will exceed the fcc limits, which are in the region of a miilivolt/m or less (dependant of standard and frequency.

Generally, precompliance testing is limited to a spectrum analyser and a calibrated antenna, as you are much more likely to fail Radiated Emissions that you are Radiated Susceptibility (in the commercial world anyway).

Last time I ran a commercial EMC lab, about 2/3rd of customers failed Radiated Emission first time through.


Bill C (qu1nn) wrote in news:417b2fd1.0306200904.5444a44 > > > > First Question: > > you mention that broadband transmissions created in an unshielded > > environment could block out services.... > > Living in NY state... > > * what is max power that can be dissipated and NOT interfere? > > * what is the max safe level for human exposure? > > > > ------------------------ > > Tems Cell: > > I did some looking up on this and the EUT is larger than most of the > > available equipment that is on the market. (need some 4' x 4' area) > > > > Also this is pre-compliance testing .. so I need to keep costs down. > > > > ----------------------- > > > > Thanks for the Agilent reference, it led me to find many articles on > > how to use near field probes at a lower power so as not to cause any > > health / FCC issues. This method may provide me with additional > > clues. ( This too would go along with the radiated emissions approach > > that you mention) > > > > Qu1nn > > > > Glad the Agilent reference was useful to you. > > If you want to know what are defined as safe linits for exposure, I can > recommend the Narda site at >
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> This has a graphical representation of the recommended limits and links > to the relevant safety autorities. > > As for what level will not cause interference,this would be the same > levels specified in the emission levels for EMC conformance. > > Sorry the TEMS cell approach won't work for you, but with the size of EUT > you have you would need a full screened room. > > > -x- 100 Proof News -
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