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PM3384 Failed Calibration Need some info
I have a pm3384 and it keeps failing the autocal. I went through the manual calibration, and it was in need of that, but in the end it still failed wi th error d1a. I've read the service manual and...
Oscilloscope recommendation for automotive usage?
I have been using a USB scope but realise just how little I know about scopes and feel the need to back track and get some basic general info before committing to a costly purchase of a bench type...
Used Test equipment for sale
I have the following two test equipment for sale: * 100MHZ Tektronic Osciiloscope model 465B with probe + DOC asking $200 shipped... It is still in excellent working order. * Digital Multimeter Fluke...
Want To Buy IC 54S188J
I need following ICs for a repair/maintenance contract. IC P/N 54S188J or P/N 54S188J/883B Any one having New/Unused ICs, please E-Mail offer to; Indicate date code. I am looking to buy up to 50 each....
Has anyone got a Hitachi V-223 (or V-423) oscilloscope service manual?
Hi, I got a Hitachi V-223 on eBay fairly recently, but it is quite out of spec. I can't find a service manual online - only an operation manual which isn't much help. Does anyone either have a digital...
Pinout info on NEC 2SC5664
Hello all, I am looking for the pinout info for a Nec 2SC5664 bipolar power trnsistor. I have tried tons of different web sites (inlcuding NEC) without succeed. Anyone that can help me? thanks, Marco
Systron Donner/Motorola Deviation meter
I'm looking for a service manual for a Motorola S1344AAB Frequency Counter/Auto Tune Deviation Meter. It was Manufactured for Motorola by Systron Donner. On the same equipment Systron Donner used the...