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Does anyone know of an existing technology that allows for high-resolution wireless positioning, with roughly the following characteristics:

- Positioning accuracy of 10-50cm - Position updated every 0.5s or less. - Range 200m+

Cheers, JonB

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Jon Beniston
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try a look on marimatech.com



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Jens Gydesen

Jon, what do you mean by this?

In other words, do you intend to send a new position every .5s, or receive a report on the position of the device? Assuming the later, do you need intermediate positions, or do you just need to know once the device has hit its target?

I think that a good rifle would do the trick, shooting at a target with a pressure transducer of some sort to report a hit.


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Mike Turco

Something like UWB/802.15.3a, but that is already in production. Basically you have an RF transmitter attached to the device you are tracking which constantly sends out beacons. These beacons are received by a number of other devices in known positions which are able to use the differences in time of arrival to triangulate the mobile devices coordinates. Tricky, because you need sub-nanosecond timing to get accuracy < 1m, but this is what UWB allows you to do.


Cheers, Jon

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Jon Beniston




If the answer is outside and cost is not an issue. a Real Time Kinematic (RTK) GPS system could do the job.

You should be able to get 1Hz positions to better than 10cm with a rover and fixed base setup.

Ask the question on sci.geo.satellite-nav


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