USB-CDC Driver compatibility

Hi all,

I want to build embedded system with USB-based communication device to transfer data and update the configuration.

I've googled and found that the USB CDC class is not "standarized" (why do we need standards if there's so many of them??)..The USB CDC is divided into :

1) CDC - ACM : For old serial modems (including RS232-USB bridge/converter) 2) CDC - Ethernet : The "real" ethernet/modem that's supported by USB Group 2) CDC - RNDIS : The USB-ethernet that's supported by Microsoft (and Apple??)

My questions are :

1) If I had to make single USB CDC driver that can support most of USB-Ethernet / USB-Modem in market, which class should I choose (ACM / Ethernet / RNDIS) ?

2) How do I get the list of USB-Modems/USB-Ethernet that's implementing certain USB CDC class ? I need to show to my clinets that my system is compatible with these USB-Ethernet/USB-modems brands/types

3) Where does USB-WLAN (802.11b/g) class belong to (in USB classes) ? Does it belong to CDC-Ethernet / CDC-RNDIS ?

Thank you very much for your help

-kunil Bali Design Team

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