Question About C6713 DSP EDMA

Hi All ,

Can any one with experience with TI C6713 help me understand EDMA operation. I am using the C6713 DSK with AIC23 codec on board.

I am using the dsk_app application from the example directory of the CCS installation.

The example runs out of the box i.e. EDMA ISR was hit both for RX and TX transfer completion. I also put a sine wave in the line in and varified a sine wave on the line out. In order to understand the working I started making changes to the project.

I started out by changing the Memory section Manager in the DSP/BIOS configuration file and observed a starange

behaviour : When I placed the all the memory sections in the SDRAM instead of IRAM section only the TX transfer completion interrupt were generated. But when I places the .text section back into IRAM , the program started working as before.

Has any one seen this behaviour ? Can you explain the reason for this ?

BR Niladri Bose

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