[Q[ SW development tools for Infineon XC167

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I have an upcoming software development in C & Windows using an
Infineon (Seimens) XC167 microcontroller.  I need to pick a some good
tools for the development environment that supports all the XC167
funtions/modules and its JTAG port.  Originally, I picked the   Keil
uVision  development system but when I look very closely I see serious
holes (many sub-modules NOT supported / disabled under JTAG debug) and
attrocious tech support.  I've had good luck with Keil in the past but
this go-around looks pretty bad.  I'd appreciate your suggestions.

Re: [Q[ SW development tools for Infineon XC167
Hi Al,

I worked with both compilers Tasking and Keil (mostly smaller
projects). Tasking was better in the early 90's but IMHO Keil offers
the better compiler now. If you think that Keil support is no good,
have fun with Tasking, particularly if  you are in the US. In the past
their European support was better but US support sucks!
To be honest, I did not work with the XC yet, only with older C167

Cheers, Schwob

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Re: [Q[ SW development tools for Infineon XC167
Feel free to contact us anytime if you feel that the US support does not
suit your needs.

We're there to help.

with kind regards

Jan Homuth
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