Problem with interfacing LCD with AT89c51

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We are trying to interface 16*2 character LCD with Atmel AT89c51. We ar using ACM1602A. the connection to the 8051 is port 1 is used for data i.e DB0-DB7 of LCD and the RS,R/W,E pins to P2.0,P2.1,P2.2 respectively. an the A and K pins to VCC and Ground respectively.The code for interfacin is as follows.

------------------------------------------------------------------------- ORG 0000H; LJMP MAIN; ORG 0030H; MAIN: ACALL INITIALISE;//first initialising the LCD MAIN1: MOV A,#'M'; ACALL DISPLAY; HERE: SJMP HERE; INITIALISE: MOV A,#038H;//selecting 2 rows. ACALL CONFIGURE; MOV A,#0EH;//displaying the cursor. ACALL CONFIGURE; MOV A,#06H; ACALL CONFIGURE; RET; DISPLAY: MOV P1,A; SETB P2.0;//Setting RS CLR P2.1;//Clearing R/W SETB P2.2;//Setting E. CLR P2.2;//Clearing E. RET;

CONFIGURE: CLR P2.0;//Clearing RS. CLR P2.1;//Clearing R/W. MOV P1,A; SETB P2.2;//Setting E. CLR P2.2;//Clearing E. RET; END;

------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sorry for such a long post. Awaiting help at the earliest.

Thanks in advance.

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No timing delay

No timing delay

No timing delay

No timing delay

No delays.

If you check the datasheet(s) for the LCD module and what looks like a HD44780 or clone interface, has LONG timing delays between actions for the chip to function. Just doing a basic character write is 1us or more between actions. Initialisation needs 1ms or more before doing next write. Exact timings depend on your display.

Do a search on HD44780 code and you will see lots of delays in code.

I suggest you need to time your delays to match your chip. This will need a scope to measure the timing generated by your software.

The BIG mistake on the HD44780 interface was no interupt/Ready pin to take to host interface, it is possible to poll a data bit, but this is not as efficient as an interupt/Ready line.

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Try this

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its very simple and usefull.

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