msp430 - basic gdb initialization question

Using Cywin, msp430gcc etc on my laptop running XP I've finally managed to compile & get the code running in the hardware (yes it blinks....woohoo)

I've been trying to find out out to confiure the initialization for the gdb debugger. The documentation and googling tells me I should be able to find a gdb.ini or x.gdbinit file into which I can enter the:

*remote address *remotetimeout *remote local host settings etc.

I cannot find any similar files anywhere on my machine. Entering these manually each time is rapidly becoming major PITA.

I hope some one can help me out..........most advice welcome : )

Once I get the hang of the basics I might go for Eclipse or one of the other open source IDEs on offer.


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Under cygwin I think you need to use the gdb.ini name. This file is plain text and just contains the gdb commands you wish to run at startup. You can therefore just create one yourself. Here is what is in mine:

---start of file target remote localhost:3333 b main c

---end of file.

Regards, Richard.

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After I got my eZ430 at 430-Day I went through the process of installing eclipse and mspgcc and getting them working with the eZ430. I wrote up some notes mostly for myself, but I also put them here:

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You may find them useful. In my gdb.ini file I had: target remote :3333 set remoteaddresssize 16 set remotetimeout 999999 set download-write-size 512 set remote memory-write-packet-size 512 set remote memory-write-packet-size fixed set remote memory-read-packet-size 512 set remote memory-read-packet-size fixed monitor erase load leds.elf

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Matthew Kendall

That's a good site for 430 related info! Somehow I missed it until now.

And your article about using Eclipse with the USB JTAG device and mspgcc is very helpful.

Thanks! Eric

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Thanks for that Richard - that's very helpful. I'll see how it goes. regards

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Thanks Matt - good tutorial.

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Personally, I prefer not to have the erase and load in my gdb.ini or .gdbinit file. Sometimes you want to debug a program which is already in the flash, so re-programming is a waste. If you are using a parallel port FET rather than a USB FET, the programming time can be quite significant for a large program. In such cases, there are other msp430 utilities (like msp430-jtag) that are much faster for programming - I prefer to have a "burn" target in my makefile for the programming.

It's all a matter of choice, and how *you* prefer to do your debugging.

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David Brown

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