more on arm asm.

Jonathon - I'm in the testing phase now but, thankfully, strictly 32 bit code. One trick I've found that's been helpful is "fasmarm", which is an offshoot of a 386 assembler. The name is, if memory serves, flat assembler or fasm. I've got it on a Microsoft xp msdos directory. The fasmarm handles the 64 bit codes which might make it useful for you.


J> > Anyone know where on the internet files of programs, or portions

> of such, written an Arm assembley can be found? I'm in need > > of examples of arm assembly to serve as test code for a just > > written assembler. > Good luck. I'm in the middle of writing an ARM64 assembler, so > am in the same position. Plus untangling the complexity of the > ARM64 instruction architecture. ;) > jgh
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