Lousy throughput with DPAC Airborne WiFi module

Some of the guys at my company are seeing lousy throughput performance with the DPAC Airborne WiFi module ( WLNB-AN-DP102). It is hooked into our embedded system with SPI. The rating is for 20MHz SPI frequency, but we can only get it to talk at 1.5MHz. So that is one problem.

Even worse, when in use with many TCP or UDP packets, the module seems to buffer data for a long time and then dribble packets out at a

300msec interval rate. The spec says we should be able to sustain 300kbs in one direction and 70kbs in the other... I think we are getting only a very small fraction of this.

Any ideas on what we should check into or try to do differently? Anyone else seen this kind of behavior with the DPAC modules? DPAC Tech's not responsive lately to inquiries. Any insight you smart folks can lend, we would appreciate! We are open to switching brands if anyone has seen really good results with another comparable module.

-- Mike

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The problems could be on the RF side ... I've experienced things with WLAN, that were suboptimal at best. There was this hotel in a town somewhere. It had multiple WLAN base stations to optimally cover the rather distributes complex. Somehow the neighbourhood was into WLAN as well, the different nets were operated without coordination. So it happend that due to interference the signal was receiveable in a 60cm grid, on the grid points only. So every 60cm there was signal in between there wasn't. When you rotated the notebook 90 degreees, the signal was gone. Somehow it was susceptible to people walking or such, meaning the reception on a grid point was not possible for longer than 2 minutes.


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