Image Processing and send data to the web server

Hi, I am doing my final year project. The basic idea is to capture some image, process it on my embedded system, and send the result to web server so that it can be shown on the website or smartphone. I have two questions:

  1. is CMUcam + arduino a good pair to do the image processing? Any other better solution?

  1. How to transfer my result from arduino(or other microcontroller board) to web server?

Thanks a lot!

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Check the memory available in Arduino. There isn't very much. Raspberry Pi might become the standard for image work. Maybe one of the many medium- sized ARMs -- I'm playing with an STM32F4-DISCOVERY right now, but not for image processing -- or a PIC32, or a BeagleBone.


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Mel Wilson

Is your project software or hardware?

If your project is software what sort of processing?

Why not just use a smartphone in the first place and just write your phone app and use the smartphone as an mebedded platform?

As you have given little idea of image size, number of images, how often images taken let alone sort of image processing required, no other reasonable suggestions can be given.

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So the project is due by the end of June 2012 ??

You are NOT going to get anything done in two weeks.

Sorry, pick something easier.

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Probably not. An Arduino has roughly 1/20 of the processing capacity of a smartphone. Writing the image processing in JaveScript might be more efficient.

You may want to take a look at Gumstix. They have camera modules, processing power on par with typical smartphones, and can run a "full" Unix OS.

If you choose to use a Gumstix, you can run the web server on the same device as you use to process the camera images.



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Jacob Sparre Andersen

Is your Arduino board more powerful than the web server? Why can't you do image processing on the web server.

Open a TCP/IP socket.

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Am Montag, 11. Juni 2012 14:21:18 UTC+2 schrieb lanshanbob:

What about an integrated camera with some processing an network interface:

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You can order the kit here:

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It is of course more expensive but you get a real quality camera with decent optics and a powerful DSP for the processing.


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