GSPx 2005 Call for Papers


I am writing on behalf of GSPx 2005 to encourage you to submit

speaker abstract on DSP-related computing applications. The 200 conference featured dozens of papers dedicated to embedded hardware embedded software, EDA system design and verification tools FPGA-based solutions, parallel processing, programming DSPs algorithms, security, SoC design, SoC interconnects, digita filtering, VLSI architectures, cryptography and more

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About GSP

GSPx 2005, the premier global digital signal processing event, wil

take place at the Santa Clara Convention Center this October 24 ? 27 GSPx 2005 provides a unique opportunity to share your knowledge wit fellow DSP experts and learn about the latest DSP-related trends in broad range of industries. We encourage you to share your researc with the world?s leading signal processing developers by speaking a GSPx 2005. Nomination details are below.

With 525 papers and more than 250 participating companies, GSPx 200

drew a diverse audience of engineers, developers, project managers industry analysts and senior-level executives from around the world This year, we expect to see an even higher level of participatio from leaders in the DSP community

Call for Paper

Speaker abstracts for GSPx 2005 are now being accepted through Ma


Abstract Deadline: May 31, 200

Notification of Acceptance: June 15, 200

Photo-ready Paper: July 31, 200


· Model Driven Architecture

· Distributed Processing in a Net-Centric System Environmen

· Distributed Processing in a Horizontally Integrated Syste


· High Performance COTS Processing System

· Software Portability/Reuse Across Processing Architecture

· Issues in Large (>100 Processor nodes) Multi-Processo



· Active Safet

· Driver Assistance:Collision avoidance, lane change departur

warning blind spot detection, et

· In-car digital entertainmen

· Telematic

· Remote diagnostic


· Hearing aids, prosthesis, self diagnostic

· Medical Imagin

· Medical Instrumentatio


· Gamin

· Portable medi

· Home theater

Image processin

· Image enhancemen

· Image understandin

· Image recognitio

Radar Imagin

· Synthetic Aperture Rada

· Doppler Beam Sharpenin

· Inverse Synthetic Aperture Rada


· Encryption: IPsec, SSL/TLS, Public Key Generatio

· Video Surveillanc

· Biometric

Speech Processin

· WA

· LA

· PA

· Optica

· Infrastructur


· Compression: H.264, MPEG4, VC-1, Wavelets, JPEG200

· Broadcast: DVB-H, DMB, ISDB-T, DVB-

· Telephon





· 3.5

· 4

· 802.11

· 802.15.3a (UWB

· 802.16 (WiMax

· SDR (Software Defined Radio

For more information about GSPx 2005, visit

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or contact m

at 503-297-5090

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