External mains fail DC battery Backup

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We have a product that works from 7 to 12V DC at 100mA. One of our
customers has asked us to supply him with battery back up for say 4
hours in the event of a power failure. I cannot find anything that
suits apart from a UPS. Does anybody know of anybody that makes such a
thing. Maybe has 9V DC power in wchich trickle charges a battery and
also supplies load till power fails etc.
I could make one but would rather buy of the shelf

Steve Jones

Re: External mains fail DC battery Backup
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If your product can handle 13.6 V, buy an off-the-shelf Lead-acid charger
module from Farnell or so and one of those small Dryfit lead-acid gel
batteries. You can leave them om the charger, running on the float-voltage,
and feed your device from it.


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