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Hi NG, I need a good protocol for error free communicating with my msp and a pc. It should be a software protocol (not RS232 with parity) because it should work on other links such as over gsm, too. What about xmodem. Can I use this protocol for communication, too? Can somebody help please?

Thanks, Joachim

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TCP/IP I believe is supposed to be error free and is the basis for most communications these days. You can use PPP if using a Circuit Switched Data connection over GSM, or even direct with GPRS.

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Jason Curl

There are multiple choices. These choices differ in blocksizes or streaming, compression or not, forward errorcorrection, multipoint or master-slave and so on.

Error correction is achieved by a CRC and retransmission. If error spikes are expected, a forwarsd error correction may lower the number of retransmissions.


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Look up zmodem.

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XModem is horribly inefficient (78%). For file transfers, maybe ZModem is what you want.

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Lewin A.R.W. Edwards

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